October 24, 2000  | by Gülpen Garay

Gülpen & Garay Lawyers in Berlin

Gülpen & Garay is a German-Spanish Law Firm. With its team of German lawyers and Spanish abogados, Gülpen & Garay represents clients before courts in both Germany and Spain. The range of services at Gülpen & Garay covers all consulting with regards to the business cycle. Its focus is on corporate foundation and entrepreneurial support in Spain and Germany. With cross-border services and the highest standards for quality, we offer tailor-made solutions in which financial results always take priority. With our speciality in consulting for individuals, we emphasise on strategies for the avoidance of lawsuits.

Amongst others, we have lawyers specialised in

  • And with extensive experience in:
    1. Dismissal and Dismissal Protection
      Part-time and Limitation
      Employment Contracts as well as Dissolution Agreements
  • Property Law
    1. Property Purchase and Sale Support
      Mortgages and Land Charges
      Liability for Defects
      Property Transfer
  • Drafting of Company Purchase and Sale Contracts
    1. Support in founding businesses such as GmbH, OHG, AG, KG, Ltd. and S.L.
      Representation for Business Negotiations
      Enterprise succession
      Corporate Law/M&A
  • Transport and Traffic Law (with specialist lawyer for Traffic Law)
    1. Administrative fines and court orders
      Driver’s licence cancellation and medical-psychological assessment (MPU)
      Enforcements of accident damages
      Insurance Law
  • Law of Succession and Family Law (with specialist lawyer for Family Law)
    1. Divorce and Separation
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